What’s in a name response

I find it very interesting to sit down and try and work out where people find the time to immerse themselves as much as they do to have the web presence that they have. I am truly flat out keeping up with my emails (work and private) and then dealing with everyday life. I am doing too many ‘normal’ things in my life like exercise, shopping for good food and then cooking it at home, play with the kids, do most of the kids homework …. exercise my dog, feed the cat (and the dog), housework, full-time work, dealing with work colleagues at home if skype is left on!!!, the list goes on but unfortunately the clock is not flexible and time just keeps ticking away. Now, if only they could come up with the concept that while you are on the net, that time stands still – that would be an achievement!

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What’s in a Name?

Being introduced to the site: namechk.com (which checks for a particular username across numerous sites) opens your eyes to the fact 1. there are so many sites out there that would be fun to join that I have never heard of before and 2. It is going to be a whole lot easier just having one username, however it appears to me that it may not be a very safe format.
Activity – Thinking about Usernames – amazing how there is a program that can check all of the available usernames. Can you imagine how long that would take one human to do?

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Lecture : ‘The Future (s) of Internet Communications’ Dr Tama Leaver 17/05/2010, Album, Lectopia – WEB101- Web Communications, Curtin University of Technology :

My first Lecture started with the lecturer commenting on this being the last lecture …… have I missed something?

Where is the web going?

1 – Kevin Kelly’s ideas on web 3.0 (a widely debated term with no real meaning)

Embodied (incredibly important and interesting)

Mobile Web – no longer anchored to the desktop or even the laptop – with such devices as smart phones, iphones, ipads etc.

The web and data stops being just on computers, but becomes mobile, embedded and ’embodied’

The mobile web – when the web comes with us, we use it differently (social media in social places)

Not just computers and devices, but all things will be part of the web.

“The internet of things”

RFID – mechanise by which everything can be brought into the web itself

Radio Frequency IDentification tags

Tags as Data Signatures (or IP addresses) for every single thing.

Can store data and be updated

Passports, parking, cornflakes and clothes.

Digital/material divide becomes almost meaningless


  • No longer cyberspace vs ‘real life’.
  • No longer atoms vs bits.
  • No longer things vs information.
  • One big continuum in which data and materiality functionally becoe part of the same thing.

Material items can offer information that can be useful as long as the larger system collecting the information knows what it means.

2. Restructured data (making data more meaningful) – how do we make all the bits a pieces more meaningful – sort through all of this data

Evolution of links, from data to information:

  • Internet = linking machines
  • Web = linking pages
  • Semantics = linking ideas and things
  • Data = raw stuff
  • Information = interpretation and understanding
  • Syntax = how something is expressed
  • Semantics = what something means
  • Understanding ‘meaning’ equals more meaningful links.

Semantic Information:

Connections between things and types of things are made because the type of information (beyond just a keyword) is ‘understood’.  –  you have to teach the larger system ie siblings etc

3.  Co-dependancy

– iphone to iam

– idea that web is ‘Always On’

– we are the web – every action we take builds the web in some way (building the web   as a system)

Can you live without your mobile phone? (for many people the answer is increasingly: NO).  iPhone to iAm!

Co-dependency = alwsy on and always accessible.

Data always being downloaded and uploaded (eg geoloctions).

Total personalistion = total transparency (=total surveillance)!

We Are The Web

2 – The internet of things (schematic)





  • Communication & collaboration includes non-human partners (eg smart fridges) to make things more efficient
  • Patterns in the data emerge, and the data becomes meaningful information once systems can ‘talk’ and understand each other.
  • On the Semantic Web Berners-Lee’s vision of a web in which all data is accessible, evolves into a world where all data is universally meaningful.

Augmented Reality: Recognizr : we extend information into material space and visa versa. Ie. Recognizr – uses semantic tagging

“SKINPUT” – Inputting data by using our surface area (our body)

Futeristic but shows you there is a huge scope out there for future applications

3 – Where have we been and where we might go next

The Story so far……….

Began by looking at the emergence of the internet and the World Wide Web.

Digital connections and communication began to emerge.

We then turned to Web 2.0, exploring various tools and platforms in which content was individually and collaboratively created, curated and conversed about.

More recently………

Internet footprints = the content we purposefully create in the contexts of our own choosing.

Digital Shadows = content either created or curated by others, displaying ‘me’ outside of my control.

Social me(dia) rivers = a way of drawing all of ‘me’ from different platforms, building a content-generted user in one central curated ‘story of ‘ME’.

Web Presence = the anchor for your own identity (and identity management) online. Web Presence = You and others finding you in here

Coming trends…….

Google’s Social Search = presence as filter.

‘Real-time’ search = twitter and other ‘life streaming’ as immediately searchable.

Providing your own context in these situations is very important.  You need to exist – professionally and socially!!

Need to make the conscious choice about your web presence, about your identity online.

Web 206:  Web Publishing – Medium and platform-specific writing and creation. (How to write for blogs, for Twitter, to tag, to share …)

Web 207:  Web Media – Understand, analyse and create media content in the age of convergence (web as content, platform, dissemination and reaction).

Web 309:  Web Presence – Presence beyond the personal (presence and social media creation and understanding for others from businesses, to causes, to charities).

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Learning how to blog

Okay, so this is going to be my first ever blog entry, thank goodness we have the power to edit post posting.  The reason why I am trying to type as I lay down in my bed with the light off and my laptop burning my lap is because I am trying to claw my way into my studies and believe it or not, they want us to be using our time (I refrained from saying wasting…)to create a blog in relation to our studies.  Actually I think it is a pretty good idea, that is once I have learnt how to manipulate my blog page properly.

Interestingly, while I was looking for a blog host, I stumbled across the fact that the word blog originates from weblog – a web log                                                                             (author unknown, http://wordpress.org/about/)   cute hey!  Time to turn my lights out and I look forward to tackling this some more tomorrow.  By the way, it is 9.49pm in the UAE and it’s still 36 degrees.

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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